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Relocation Services




We understand that we are moving people's homes, and invariably sentimental items, during what can be an important time given work and personal commitments. Our aim is to ensure the customer remains focused on what is important to them.

Our move management services are designed around managing both expectations and emotions during an important time in customers' lives. Sky2C Relocations treats each move as individual and as such what might be suitable for one customer is not for the next. Over a number of years, we have developed and designed a range of innovative services to meet the needs of all our customers.

We recognize that the physical move plays only a small part in settling the family into their new environment and as such we have tried to alleviate any additional disruption before it occurs. There are no complicated layers of bureaucracy and the customers will be guided through the complete moving process by their personal Move Manager and an experienced International Moving Consultant, who will visit to discuss and plan the move process.

The Move Process for International Relocation

Your dedicated move manager will organize the packing, storage, shipping / transit, and delivery of your belongings through our in-house teams. You just have to tell us what you want to take, and we take care of the rest – everything from customs clearance to unpacking in your new home. So, the moving process runs smoothly, no matter where you're moving to.

  • Initial contact with customer

  • Pre move survey, including all necessary documentation provided

  • Quotation and Move Plan

  • Packing Services and Protecting Your Home

  • Handyman services like carpenter / plumber/ electrician etc.

  • Supervision, marking, preparing inventory and coordinating the move.

  • Arranging Insuring.

  • Temporary storage facilities for goods in transit.

  • Forwarding

  • Tracking & providing information about goods in transit

  • Customs Clearance and Delivery

Move Process for Domestic/Local Relocation.

Sky2C Relocations will assign a dedicated Move Manager to individual accounts, providing one-to-one support for relocating customers and their families. These staff will guide the customers through all stages of the relocation process, the basic steps of which are outlined below.

• Pre-move Packing and Moving survey.
• Professional Packing.
• Wooden crates for fragile articles.
• Supervision, marking, preparing inventory and coordinating the move.
• Arranging Insuring.
• Temporary storage facilities for goods in transit.
• Transportation using small & large vehicles.
• Escorts to accompany the goods in transit.
• Delivery, unpacking and setting up of your home at destination.
• Handyman services like carpenter / plumber/ electrician etc.

Whether you are across the street or across the country, just one call and the team of experienced packers and movers of Specific Relocations will help you pack and move all your goods - right from furniture to automobiles to plants to pets to just about anything you want.



One of the most important elements of a successful move is naturally the quality of packing services provided. We invest heavily in the personal development of staff and as such all our crews undergo extensive training on a regular basis, as new methods, materials and techniques are introduced.

Packing Solutions

  • Computers & Electronics

  • Foam-in-Place Packaging

  • Boxes, Cases & Crates

  • DIY Packaging

  • Art & Antiques Packing

Sky2C Relocations and the global Allied International network are renowned for the quality of materials used, providing greater security and protection for goods in transit, whilst also paying attention to today's environmental challenges. During the pre-move survey our International Moving Consultant will discuss all aspects of the move/storage, specifically materials and methods of packing to be used.

Whether it is one item or a thousand, we will find the solution that meets your packaging needs. We also provide a fine arts and antiques packing service for high value or fragile items, ensuring added security and protection.






We arrange for cargo insurance for all your transportation requirements to all destinations and for all types of cargo.

Insurance packages can range from full coverage that encompasses the entire cost of your purchase or minimal coverage that encapsulates only certain components. We work with a number of insurance companies to ensure that we can offer the best possible rates to our customers for all Door to Door, Door to Depot movements and Storage.

Door To Door & Door To Depot

Our door to door services is comprehensive and takes into account every cost factor. We not only provide our customers cost savings at every step but also continuously strive to improve the quality of our services.

With our reach, we ensure that there's hardly any requirement for our Customers OR their Consignees to move from their place to reach to their Cargo. We Pick UP and Deliver Door to Door ensuring smooth uplift, careful transit and Easy Delivery.

The differences between these two types of services are briefly explained in the table below:

Service Type


Customs Clearance


To the door of the building at the recipients delivery address.

Included in service


To the airport or sea port in the receiving country for customer to collect.

Not included -clearance is responsibility of owner of goods.

The Sky2C price for 'Door-to-Door' covers the total delivery and clearing service (excluding government charges and taxes). The Door-to-Depot price is for delivery to the depot only.




It's not always practical to take all your belongings with you on an international move. But our custom-built storage facilities will store anything you need to leave behind.

Our secure storage facilities means can store a wide range of goods for you. Our storage units can safely keep even large, bulky items such as cars, or delicate valuables like antiques.

You can store belongings long term or short term. And because our storage services are managed in-house (whether you're in one of our warehouses or not), we can integrate your storage services into the rest of your move. So, you'll have just one point of contact for all your moving services.


Storage collection and delivery service

Our storage collection and delivery servicemakes storing your belongings with us easy. When our team come to your home for packing and removals, we will take the belongings you're not moving back to our warehouse for storage.


When you need your belongings returned to you, we'll deliver them to your home. Your belongings will even be covered by our transit cover policy while they're in our storage units. Whatever your home storage needs, our professional service gives you peace of mind.


Our warehouse has always been an example of security and organization. All of the warehouses are perfectly equipped so that your furniture and personal effects are maintained in a perfect state during the time that our customer desires.

For more information about our storage facilities or any of our other moving services contact us today.

"I would recommend Sky2C Relocations to everyone. I have rheumatoid arthritis and am not able to do much. Not only was Sky2C Relocations very professional and courteous but they made me feel like a person and not just another moving job. " –P. Busha // Patiala

"After driving 14 hours in a rental truck, the last thing we wanted to do was move our valuables up 3 flights of stairs. Not only was Sky2C Relocations the most reasonably priced, but their hard work and positive attitude made our move enjoyable. Thank you Sky2C Relocations. " –F.McWilliams // Denver, CO

"As a Real Estate Agent, Sky2C Relocations Services has moved several of my clients and they have always provided superior services. They are very professional and pay close attention to detail, something that I have yet to find in other companies. " –G.Timani // Silver Springs Housing,Mumbai